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November 12, 2020

" Unbiased, clear and original in its long-term view of portfolio construction. A must read for serious investors."-Charles R. Schwab


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Total Wealth ManagementSM

One size definitely does not fit all.

We use our experience managing wealth for generations of families to design smart, creative and expertly crafted strategies that put your wealth to work for you. 
Total Wealth ManagementSM is a client-centric process where we deliver customized and comprehensive wealth planning seamlessly integrated with expert investment management. 
Wealth Planning begins with a thorough understanding of your situation, needs and goals, and is followed with a detailed and comprehensive planning process.  Then, through ongoing communication and regular personal reviews, we maintain and update your plan over time. 
This work is coupled with our Investment Management. Based on time-tested strategies that have weathered 40 years of market turmoil, our proprietary research and approach—outlined in our five books on the subject—underscores and supports the unique relationship between risk and reward. 
Wealth Planning
Discover and Clarify: Direct conversations get to the heart of who you are and what you want. Keeping focus on what’s most important to you, we help you clarify your goals, then simplify and organize your financial life. With the facts and figures in hand, we surface and analyze each area of wealth planning critical to your priorities and goals.
Collaborative Planning: Our collaborative approach lays out the pros and cons of various planning strategies and identifies potential risks along the way. Our advice is not a directive; it is working together to develop the best course of action for your situation. Once decided, we lead you through a step-by-step implementation process. 
Evolve and Update: Planning is an iterative, collaborative and ongoing process that adapts and adjusts to changes in your life, the law and tax regulations, among other considerations. Our process is continuously reviewed for appropriateness and impact, and we make adjustments to suit your changing needs and circumstances.
Together, we cover all the bases that are important and necessary for your financial well being. This work, personally tailored to your unique needs and goals, can include: 
  • Personalized financial dashboards
  • Retirement planning and customized illustrations
  • Estate planning: wills, trusts, family partnerships, gifting
  • Risk management: life, disability and long term care
  • College savings
  • Tax planning
  • Executive compensation and employment agreements
  • Small business planning: succession, employee benefits and qualified plans
  • Company retirement benefit analysis
  • Charitable Planning: Donor Advised Funds, charitable trusts
  • Trust company services

Please note the scope of any wealth planning and consulting services depends on the needs of the client.  Tanglewood does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent and does not prepare estate planning documents, tax returns or sell insurance products.

Investment Management 
Our disciplined investment process is steeped in experience, and has been rigorously tested through the toughest markets of the past forty years. Our approach gives clients more than quality returns, it gives them the confidence they need to know their investments will support their goals—now and over time. 
This is not run-of- the-mill investing; it’s investing for those with the insight and intellect to expect more than just what mainstream managers offer. This decidedly different view, driven by our in-house investment expertise, has delivered results that have been tested-in- the-trenches—by both good and bad markets—since 1979. 
Our philosophy, process and practices are outlined in the five books we’ve written on the subject, including our latest, “Investing in Uncertain Times.” Our Portfolio Management process addresses your responsibilities and goals for investments, seeking to deliver: 
  • A range of portfolios to meet needs from Conservative to High Growth
  • Individualized tax efficiencies
  • Ongoing, dynamic “rebalancing”
  • Portfolio analytics:  Active versus Passive, Domestic versus International, etc.
  • Regular communications and commentaries
  • Customized services:  margining, payment processing and transfers

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